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Wireless charging is about to become just as capable as wired charging

An update to the Qi charging spec has been announced by the Wireless Power Consortium, and it's all about more power and backwards compatibility. Qi chargers will soon be able to fully utilize 15W charging device, more commonly known as Quick Charge 2.0 chargers. Qi platters will be able to pass the power to devices that support this new wireless fast charging spec, which will effectively make it so wireless charging will be just as capable of getting your [...]

Myths about Wireless Charging Debunked

With the growing popularity of wireless chargers, unwanted fear is floating around as a result of some myths and misconceptions relating to wireless charging. While some of them may be true to an extent, others are downright false. Wireless chargers have long been making life easier because they are portable, don’t require an electric supply outlet, and can be used anywhere and at anytime without having to struggle with long, tangled cable cords that come with traditional chargers. Firstly, it [...]

How to Choose the Right Selfie Stick?

A selfie stick is a unipod used for taking selfies by placing a smartphone or camera beyond the ordinary scope of the arm. These metal sticks are normally extendable, with a handle on one end and a customizable brace on the flip side to hold the device in place. Some models have remote or Bluetooth control, giving the user the option to choose when to take the picture. Many smartphone companies, including Apple, Windows, Samsung, and LG, as well as [...]

How to use portable wireless charging pad?

Wireless Charger Instructions Take our dual function charger UP1 as example. Portable wireless high-capacity mobile charger series: Integrated with high performance polymer battery of cutting-edge technology, more than 6000mAh capacity and no memory effect. It can be used to store power and charge electronic devices either wireless or wired. With universal USB & micro USB port, UP1 is the best companion for your daily gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, e-books, game consoles, digital cameras, PSP etc. Anywhere, anytime, solve your power headaches. Portable wireless [...]

Wireless charging case for your iphone

There are hundreds of iphones out there and also cases that already have a built-in QI wireless charging too. You will always want to enjoy the convenience of a plug-free wireless charger. But will it slow your iphone? The answer is no here. If you are addicted to your iphone, then you will obviously want to give your phone day to day protection. You will not have to remove your charging case to use car charger or to synchronize. [...]

The benefits of wireless chargers

Why wireless charging? Millions of people all over the planet are becoming increasingly dependent on their smartphones. This include their tablets and other communication devices. The one problem which is encountered by all of this people is the need to frequently recharge their equipment. Carrying charging equipment around can become tedious and cumbersome. This is exactly why the emerging technologies which is making wireless charging possible, are so widely welcomed by consumers. The average traveling businessperson will have a laptop, [...]

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