Wireless Charging Case Receiver

 Wireless Charging Case | UP-MFG
People are looking for greater convenience and comfort in life, and also for a society that is more safe and secure. Ongoing advances in electronic component technology are contributing to more pleasant lives for everyone.UP-MFG know this well. also take to our product manufacturing.

UP-MFG wireless charging case mainly applied to smartphone 5/5s, 6/6s.  The Access Case not only protects the Phone , it lets you drop and go charge on any Power Mat or our growing network of wireless charging surfaces. Enjoy wireless charging at home, the office or at public charging spots.  The Access Case is part of the UP-MFG Power mat Wireless Charging Collection. It’s iconic in both form and function. Simply insert your phone to enable wireless charging and protect your phone. The two part design allows easy access to the connector -just grasp the copper tab to remove or insert the bottom frame. Its slim, sleek form is a triumph of advanced engineering, lightweight material and design -The Access Case is the essential item in the collection. With it, charging is as simple as setting your Phone down on any Power Mat or other PMA compatible wireless charging surface. Welcome to wireless charging! The smart, easy way to stay charged. UP-MFG Power mat products are compatible with the QI wireless charging standard.

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